A Guide to the Best Ceiling Tiles for Classrooms, Offices, and Hospitals

For Classrooms, Offices, and Hospitals

If you are an owner or an architect preparing to design a new structure, you have a large number of decisions to make. Decisions about locations, building materials, and design are all major factors in the process of getting a building from groundbreaking to certificate of occupancy. One interior design decision that should not be discounted is the choice of ceiling tile for the interior of your structure.

While it may seem small, your ceiling, specifically the tiles that make it up, plays a significant role in the aesthetics of any room as well as its usefulness. The right ceiling will not only allow conversations to be heard clearly but keep them private to outsiders.

Below are a few ceiling tile suggestions to consider when designing three distinct structures: classrooms, offices or hospitals.

The Best Ceiling Tile for Classrooms

A critical factor in the effectiveness of a classroom is the ability to clearly hear instruction. This, along with eliminating outside noise, allows students to understand concepts and engage in discussion. Ceiling tiles with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) absorb background sounds and make it easier for the teachers to provide instruction and for students to receive it.

Suggested Ceiling Tile: Stallion Non-Perforated ceiling tiles from Globalnex. These tiles are a cost effective cirrus ceiling tile alternative and will not only help teachers to make instruction easier to understand, but also provide a clean and classy appearance to any classroom.

The Best Ceiling Tile for Offices

There are two types of office floor plans with distinct ceiling needs—open office floor plans (think innovative ad agencies) and closed office floor plans (more traditional arrangement). In both cases, the ceiling helps limit the amount of unwanted sound from affecting occupants while allowing them to have clear, private conversations.

Suggested Ceiling Tile: Palamino Perforated ceiling tiles from Globalnex. These mineral fiber tiles absorbs sound and reflect light, making for brighter spaces with higher sound quality.

The Best Ceiling for Healthcare Facilities

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations mandate that an individual’s healthcare information be confidential. With so many people either visiting the hospital, being employed by the hospital or, most importantly, being treated there, maintaining private conversations can be challenging. A ceiling with a high NRC is critical in this setting.

Suggested Ceiling Tile: Konik Fine Fissured ceiling tiles from Globalnex. These mineral fiber ceilings are great for sound absorption and are a cost-effective alternative to Baroque ceiling tiles.

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