A Guide to the Best Ceiling Tiles For Malls and Restaurants

When visiting your favorite restaurant, the vibe may be fast-paced and festive. The aroma of great food permeates the air and laughter fills the room. You may not give much thought to it, but what lies above your head plays an important part in the look and feel of your dining experience.

The same is true when visiting your favorite clothing store. The colors of those trendy outfits pop, yet the experience is peaceful and easy. Sure, we don’t typically think to look up when we are shopping or enjoying an outstanding meal, but a structure’s ceiling can add to your experience by controlling sound, enhancing lighting, and keeping us safe.

Here’s an overview of the best ceilings for restaurants and malls.

The Best Ceiling Tile For Restaurants

Restaurants are naturally loud settings. There a large number of staff and patrons in a disproportionate space. The key is to be able to control that sound. For more intimate restaurants, sound can be a hinderance. Also, meals are being prepared so a ceiling tile that’s fire resistant is vital.

Suggested Ceiling Tile: Mustang Micro-Perforated Sand panels from Globalnex. This is an affordable, yet high performing Sand Micro ceiling tile alternative for commercial buildings. Mustang Micro-Perforated Sand panels are Class A fire resistant and strike a balance of noise reduction (NRC) and noise blocking (CAC) capabilities.

Also consider the Tarpan Fissured panels for restaurants.

The Best Ceiling Tile for Retail Shops

Retail stores aim to make the environment as comfortable as possible for shoppers. This can be a challenge if you are in a mall, where thousands of patrons zip to and from all day. A ceiling tile that has a good ceiling attenuation class (CAC) can reduce outside noise and provide for a peaceful shopping experience.

Suggested Ceiling Tile: Palamino Perforated ceiling panels from Globalnex are an environmentally-friendly alternative to the Classic ceiling tile. These tiles provide strong light reflectance, reducing the need for additional lighting. It also blocks sound from other rooms and resists sagging.

Also consider the Konik Fine Fissured for retail stores.

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