Designing Buildings to Withstand Seismic Activity

An earthquake causes serious damage and destroys anything in its path. This can be bad news for any building or structure. It is important for professionals such as architects and contractors to build structures that can survive the impacts of seismic activity over time, no matter how big or small.

The International Building Code (IBC)

Most injuries and deaths are due to the damage or collapse of buildings and other structures. Losses are reduced drastically as professionals record and have a better understanding of how structures respond to earthquakes. As these are documented, new revisions and improvements are made to the International Building Code (IBC). Much of the United States is at some risk for seismic activity based on soil conditions, building usage, and geographic location so the IBC requires every construction project to include and meet a seismic design category. These seismic construction standards help to control panic during an earthquake and ensures occupants are safe during and after an earthquake.

Why Nonstructural Components Matter

Nonstructural components are just as important as the structural components of a building. When installing ceiling components, nonstructural components should meet seismic design standards to ensure human safety and reduced damage and functional loss to a building. Globalnex products such as our seismic ceiling suspension systems meet seismic design requirements which ensure building occupants will be safe and the building will function appropriately during and after an earthquake.

Help for Professionals

Designing and building structures can be a challenge, especially in earthquake-vulnerable areas. Understanding how to design a building that meets the seismic design requirements is crucial. There are resources available such as the Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, ASCE/SEI 7-10, which provides a comprehensive guide for seismic design criteria.

If you’d like to ensure your buildings meet industry standards for seismic design, we provide seismic ceiling suspension systems that are available in both rapid-click and rapid-hook.

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