Dune Ceiling Tile Alternative

Globalnex Mustang Micro-Perforated Sand

Globalnex commercial ceiling panels affordable and beautifully designed for optimum for performance. The Mustang Micro-Perforated Sand panels are reliable, high-performing Dune ceiling tile alternative choice commercial buildings.

Typical Applications

Globalnex Mustang Micro-Perforated Sand is an ideal commercial ceiling choice for transportation stations, atriums, auditoriums, offices, and cafeterias.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Balance of noise reduction and blocking
  • Made with recyclable content
  • Sag, mold, and mildew resistance
  • Attractive white and easy to clean surface
  • Durable and scratch resistant
Industry Standards and Performance


  • Fire performance
  • Extremely low VOC emissions
  • NRC, CAC, and LR
Product Details


  • Fine-textured
  • Wet-formed mineral fiber
  • Non-directional pattern
  • Standard acoustical absorption

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