Narrow Reveal Ceiling Grid

Globalnex Suspension Systems

Globalnex provides superior ceiling suspension systems and ceiling grids for all your commercial projects. With our exceptional grid systems, your ceiling will possess unmatched beauty while adhering to all performance requirements.

Ceiling Grid Options

Ceiling grid options for commercial ceilings include the more commonly used 15/16 standard flat face ceiling grid and the narrow reveal ceiling grid, also known as a 9/16 ceiling grid. Matched with Globalnex suspension systems, 9/16 ceiling grids give commercial ceilings a clean, modernized appearance while meeting safety standards for long-term stability.

Narrow Reveal Ceiling Grid Benefits

The narrow reveal grid is made from recyclable content is manufactured from galvanized steel which stops rust growth. The narrow reveal grid is compatible with 12-inch main runners, 2-inch and 4-inch cross tees, and 12-inch inch wall angles.

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