NDP Perforated Ceiling Tile Alternative

Globalnex Palamino Perforated

Globalnex is proud to offer a non-directional perforated NDP Perforated ceiling tile alternative for commercial ceilings. The Globalnex Palamino Perforated panels is an acoustical ceiling system with pin perforated panels, an excellent economical alternative that meets industry standards for durability and sustainability.

Features and Benefits/h5>
  • A high light reflectance helps to conserve energy
  • Fewer light fixtures needed
  • Balances room acoustics
  • Easy trimming and installation
  • Excellent option for large ceiling areas
  • Resists humidity and fire
  • Low maintenance cleaning
Suggested Applications:/h5>
  • Educational facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Offices spaces

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