Seismic Ceiling Suspension Systems

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Do your ceilings meet industry standards?

Due to substantial revisions of the International Building Code (IBC), regions of the United States that are not typically considered at risk for earthquakes are now required to meet building codes to protect building occupants in the event of an earthquake.

What is Seismic Compliance?

Building structures must be designed with the safety its occupants and continuous function in mind during and after a major earthquake. Seismic standards are based on the conditions of the soil, how the structure will be used, and the region the building is located. When these important factors fail, the risk for occupant harm and building dysfunction and loss increase.

Quality Seismic Ceiling Suspension Systems

At Globalnex, we believe in providing safe high-quality products. Our suspension systems are made from corrosion resistant, hot dipped galvanized steel with double web main runners and cross tees. Our systems have been third party tested and comply with North American Seismic Design Categories A, B, and C and are available in both rapid-click and rapid-hook systems.

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