Florida Architectural Stone

Florida Architectural Stone is an exciting new line of premium stone veneer products available exclusively from Globalnex. These lightweight, thin profile replica’s of full thickness natural stone are available in a variety of shapes, textures, and color blends at a significant cost savings over full thickness natural stone.

A quick drive today by any new upscale subdivision featuring fine homes will most likely show some type of stone veneer product on the entrance wall or as an accent trim on many of the homes themselves. Today we are seeing a clear design trend in America toward more “natural looking” building materials for upscale homes. As consumers tire of the “everyday look” of conventional siding or brick, stone veneer products are quickly becoming a standard upgrade option offered by builders to consumers desiring an affordable means to give high-end curb appeal to the exterior of their new home.

Additionally, stone veneer products are quickly becoming a popular design option for the interior living space in fine homes.

While at one time stone was installed inside the home almost exclusively for fireplaces, fine home designers today are specifying stone veneer finishes for interior walls in grand foyers, designer kitchens, and custom bathrooms. It’s thin profile and lightweight composition allows the stone veneer to be installed without the cost of additional footings or wall ties

Handcrafted Quality in Every Stone

Florida Architectural Stone is manufactured for Globalnex by The Richards Family. The Richards Family have been manufacturing high quality stone veneer products in central Florida since 1985.

Expert craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and rigid manufacturing standards set their products apart from the competition. For example, all products are manufactured using only natural stone in their molding process, along with permanent iron dioxide dyes. The end result is a true replica of full thickness authentic stone. Additionally, each stone is handled and inspected by an expert craftsman to insure a high-quality finished product. Over the years their products have been installed on a variety of upscale commercial and award winning residential projects, including the Parade Of Homes.

The Richards Family is pleased to partner with Globalnex to market this unique new line of stone veneer patterns and colors designed specifically for upscale Florida projects. Florida Architectural Stone is the only line of stone veneer products manufactured in the State of Florida. Florida Architectural Stone’s centrally located production facility allows for prompt reliable service to major markets throughout Florida.

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