Installation Instructions

Florida Architectural Stone is easy to apply. No costly tools or elaborate procedures are necessary.
Due to its lightweight, no footings are required. Florida Architectural Stone can be applied to nearly any surface. On clean, (unpainted & untreated) brick, block, or concrete, install stone directly to surface. On all other surfaces, use metal lath. Outside, on wood surfaces, apply a vapor barrier such as building paper before lathing.

Installation Instructions

1. Preparing the Surface

Florida Architectural Stone can be applied to any structurally sound surface. Due to its lightweight, no special foundation or structural alterations are necessary. On clean (unpainted, untreated) concrete block, install a scratch coat of _” to 3/8” consisting of type S mortar with akro-7 T Bonding agent, or equal, to insure good bond strength. On all other surfaces, metal lathe must be applied first. Nail, staple, or power set the lathe six inches on center into the studs. On metal buildings, attach the lathe with a drill and self-tapping screws. Be sure to attach the lathe with the right side up so the small cups are pointing upward. Outside, on a wood surface, apply a vapor barrier, # 15 or greater, such as felt building paper before attaching the lathe.

2. Applying the Scratch Coat

Lathed surfaces should be covered with a thin scratch coat, _” to 3/8”, covering all lathe. If not applying to wet scratch coat, allow 24 hours to dry. Mortar type shall be S, with a 2-1/2: 1 ratio. Use clean washed masonry sand.

3. Mortaring the Stone

Prior to installing Florida Architectural Stone, it is best to unpack pieces from the pallet/package and spread out separately on the ground to gain a better sense of the various shapes, sizes, and color blend. Select your first stone and apply a 1-inch thick, evenly distributed layer of mortar to the back of the stone.

4. Applying the Stone

Press Florida Architectural Stone firmly on the wall surface so that the mortar behind the stone squeezes out around all sides. Using a gentle wiggling action while applying the stone will ensure a good bond. To help keep the stone clean during construction, begin installation at the top of the wall surface and work downward. Install the corners first for easiest fitting. When selecting stones, try to achieve a balanced pattern of shapes, sizes, colors, thickness, and textures. Keep the mortar joints between the stone as tight and uniform as possible. Avoid long, straight, and unbroken joint lines.

5. Trimming the Stone

When necessary, Florida Architectural Stone can be cut with a stone hammer, brick trowel, or nippers to form special sizes and shapes for better fitting. Always try to position the trimmed stones on the wall surface so the cut edges will not show.

6. Grouting the Joints

After all of the stone has been applied to the wall surface, fill a grout bag with mortar, and in the manner of decorating a cake, partially fill in the joints between the stones with mortar (your dealer can furnish you with a grout bag). Be sure while grouting to cover any noticeable broken stone edges with mortar. If you prefer colored mortar joints, oxide colors can be mixed with your mortar prior to grouting.

7. Striking the Joints

When the mortar joints become firm, use a wooden or metal striking tool to rake out the Excess mortar to the desired depth. At the same time, force the mortar onto the joints. To thoroughly seal the joint edges. Be careful not to work the joints too soon, or the mortar will smear.

8. Brushing

Brush the mortar joints with a whiskbroom to smooth them and clean away the loose mortar. At the same time, brush off any mortar spots from the face of the stone. Loose mortar spots, which have set for only a few hours, clean up easily and should never be allowed to set up overnight.

9. Completion

The use of a high quality waterproofing sealer may be used on any Florida Architectural Stone surface. A sealed surface is much easier to clean than an unsealed surface. If you have any problems or questions about installing, contact our Globalnex customer service center directly at 813-287-8218.

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